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Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology

Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi, Accredited by NAAC with 'A' grade,
Recognized by UGC under 2(F) and 12(B)

Department of Civil Engineering

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The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 1979. It possesses state of the art facilities to cater to the needs of students. Department offers UG programme in Civil Engineering, PG programmes in Environmental Engineering and Structural Engineering. The department has two research centers viz.Environmental Science and TechnologyStudy Center and Civil Engineering researchcenter accommodating research scholars from various Institutes and Industries. The department has well experienced distinguished faculty with specialization in major areas of civil engineering. The department provides testing and consultancy services to various government and semi government agencies, contractors, construction industries and to the public in and around Davangere. The faculty members have good contact with reputed Institutions and professional bodies which will enable for the exchange of new technologies. The department is proud to have distinguished alumni doing excellent professional work at the global level.


To train the students to become Civil Engineers with leadership qualities, having ability to take up professional assignments and research with a focus on innovative approaches to cater to the needs of the society.


  1. To provide quality education through up dated curriculum and conducive teaching learning environment for the students to excel in higher studies and competitive examinations and professional career.

  2. To impart soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among the graduates to handle the projects independently with confidence.

  3. To deal with the contemporary issues and to cater to the socio economic needs.

  4. To build industry institute interaction and to establish good rapport with alumni.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Core Competence: Graduates will be able to plan, analyse, design and construct sustainable Civil Engineering Infrastructure.

  2. Professional skills: Graduates will be professional engineers with a sense of ethics, creativity, leadership, self-confidence and independent thinking to cater to the needs of the society.

  3. Societal needs: Graduates will be able to contribute effectively for the development of industry and professional bodies.

  4. Cognitive Intelligence: Graduates will be able to take up competitive examinations, higher studies and involve in research and Entrepreneurship activities.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    Students after the completion of the Program will be able to

  1. Apply the fundamental concepts, software and codal provisions in the analysis, design and construction of sustainable civil engineering infrastructure.
  2. Inculcate professional and leadership qualities, sense of ethics and confidence related to Civil engineering.

  3. Faculty will be able to

  4. Contribute to the overall development of civil engineering community through the professional bodies and offer services to the society.

Dr. Anila Kumar C.P., Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering, graduated from Government BDT College of Engineering (University of Mysore), obtained his Master’s Degree from KREC Suratkal (Mangalore University) and Doctoral Degree from UBDT College of Engineering (Kuvempu University) Davangere. He works in the area of Concrete Technology with particular reference to studies related to fiber reinforced concrete and Polymer concrete. He has a total teaching experience of 33 years. He is involved in teaching both UG program (B.E., Civil Engineering) and PG program (M. Tech. Structural Engineering) He is guiding four research scholars for their PhD degree. He was involved in the fee fixation process of the Institute and presentation of the details to the Fee Fixation Committee of the State Government for four times. He was instrumental in preparing the SELF STUDY REPORT 2017 submitted to National Assessment & Accreditation Council. He is the coordinator for Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Institute. He is actively involved in the third party inspection process from the department and has visited number of construction sites in about three to four districts. He has worked as member BOE in Davangere University and VTU Belgaum.

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Faculty Members

Dr. S. Suresh


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Dr. M. D. Vijayananda


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Prof. Subramanya S


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Dr. M N Shivakumar

Associate Professor

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Dr. Chidananda G

Associate Professor

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Sri. C S Vijaya Kumar

Assistant Professor

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Sri.R S Chikkanagoudar

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Veena Kumara Adi

Associate Professor

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Sri. Praveen Kumar G B

Assistant Professor

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Smt. Arpita D J

Assistant Professor

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Sri. Chethan Gonni

Assistant Professor

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Miss. Ramya B V

Assistant Professor

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Smt. Amulya G V

Assistant Professor

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Sri. Vinod Kundaragi

Assistant Professor

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Sri. Sathish G N

Assistant Professor

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Sri. Chethan T G

Assistant Professor

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Technical Staff

Pradeep S K


Naresh Kumar C

Assistant Intructor

Supporting Staff



Rudresh K M




Ph.D. Guided /Ph.D. Awarded during the assessment period while working in the Institute

S.No. Guide Name of the Research Scholars Dept. Year of Regn. Ph.D. Course Work Completed Y / N Pre- PhD Viva-Voce Y / N Submitted Final Thesis Y / N Awarded Ph.D./ Year
1. Dr. H B Aravinda Madhu Jalaki Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2019 (PHD) N N N ---
2. Dr. S. Suresh Mohammed Yaseen Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2011 (PHD) Y Y Y Y, 2019
Sumana Y B Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2015 (PHD) Y N N ---
3. Dr. C P Anila Kumar Varun B K Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2015 (PHD) Y N N ---
Renuka R Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2019 (PHD) N N N ---
Chethan Gonni S Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2019 (PHD) N N N ---
Raghu M E Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2015 (PHD) N N N ---
4. Dr. Suresh B J K Prasanna Kumar Civil Engineering Bapuji Institute of Engineering 2017 (PHD) Y N N ---

Number of quality publications in refereed/SCI Journals, citations

Name of the faculty Year of publication National/International Indexing # Citations Impact factor i10-Index H-Index
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Dr. H. B. Aravind 6 3 2 2 1 International Crossref Scopus, Google Scholar, ORCID, Research Gate, ACADEMIA.EDU, RESEARCHGATE 127 4.82 4 7
Dr Suresh S 3 3 2 2 2 International Crossref Scopus, Google Scholar, ORCID, Research Gate, ACADEMIA.EDU, RESEARCHGATE 29 2.12 1 2
Dr. SURESH B 6 9 4 5 6 International Crossref Scopus, Google Scholar, ORCID, Research Gate, ACADEMIA.EDU, RESEARCHGATE, UGC care 79 5.25 3 6

Books/Book Chapters Published

Sl. No Title of the Book Chapter Author/s Year of Publication Name of Publisher/s



Laboratory: CVL03
Laboratory: CV102A
Laboratory: CV102B
Laboratory: CVL04B
Laboratory: CVL03A
Laboratory: CVL04A
Laboratory: CVC02
Laboratory: CVL04C
Laboratory: CV205
Laboratory: CVL01
Laboratory: CVL01A
Laboratory: CVL04A

Laboratory Facilities

S.No. Name of Lab Qty Configuration/Specification Software
1. Environmental Engineering Laboratory 26 Water Quality Analysis, Air Quality Analysis, Noise Pollution Analysis, UV-Spectrum, 7000AAS,
2. Auto CAD 1 30 HCL Core i3 Intel; Core-i3-2120 processor, Intel H61 Chipset M/B,4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, DVD Writer, Keyboard, Optical Mouse, ATX Cabinet, 18.5” TFT monitor. * Auto Plotter Ver-9 With road estimater-9 and 10 * Auto CAD - 2020
3. Auto CAD 2 30 HP Core i5 Intel; Core-i5-3570 processor @3.40GHz, 8GB, DVD Writer, Keyboard, Optical Mouse, ATX Cabinet, 18.5” TFT monitor. * Primavera PC Software * Bentley academic bundle network - STADD Pro
4. Geo technical Engineering Laboratory 25 1. Permeability mould 2.Sample Extractor (38 mm dia) 3.Unconfined Compression testing machine 4.Proving ring (250 kg capacity) 5.Consolidation test apparatus with accessories. 6. Vane Shear apparatus. 7. Remote controlled Hydraulic jack 30 tonne capacity 8.Magnetic base 9.Foot pump 10.Mechanical strain gauge 11.Blain apparatus 12.Torsion balance moisture meter. 13.Rapid moisture meter 14.Elecronic weighing balance 15.I S Sieves 16.Compaction Mould 17.Rammer 2.6 kgs 18.Shear Box Assembly 19.Hydrometer range 0.995 to 1.030g/ml 20.ISS Sieves Perforated frame steel plate Lid & receiver for 30 & 20 cm. Dia. -
5. Basic Material Testing laboratory 25 .Tulaman portable platform .Magnifying glass 4” .Dial gauge .Screw gauge .Slide calipers .Hardness testing machine .Universal testing machine .Impact testing machine .Rotating cantilever fatigue machine .Instrument box .Torsion testing machine .Taperia ball pane hammer .Taperia cutting plier 8” .Spanner set .Dial gauge stand with magnetic base .Universal testing machine .Vickers/Brinell testing machine .Extensometer. -
6. Surveying Lab 25 *Theodolite with stand *Dumpy level with stand *Prismatic compass *Plane table with stand *Engineering chain *Wooden cross staff *Ranging rod *Total station ATS102 *Total station ATSR325 *Optical squire *Telescopic alidade *Tilting level *Offset rod (wood) -
7. Concrete Laboratory and Highway Laboratory 25 *L.ynx Compaction factor apparatus *Lynx Beam moulds (100100500) *Le-chatelier with ISI *Vicket apparatus *Concrete test hammer *Air permeability apparatus *Weight balance *Cube Moulds *Aggregates crushing Plunger IS Sieves -
8. Engineering Geology Laboratory 25 * Precious Rocks * Precious Minerals -

Major Equipments

  • Engineering Geology Laboratory * Precious Rocks  * Precious Minerals

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory * High Pressure Liquid Chromatography with UV Detector and RI detector * Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer * UV-Spectrophotometer * Ambient Air Quality * Stack Monitoring Kit * Flame Photometer * Double Distillation Unit (Water plant) * Montana (Garmin) GPS Instruments * Flame Photometer * Flue Gas Analyzer * Micro Balance (LC-GC) * Ion Meter

  • * AST Intel P-100 & accs * AST advantage P-100 & Accs * ACECAT 1212 A Digitizer * Printer Epson LQ 1050 * Printer HP Ink jet colour * MicronicsP/60 & accs * Stabilizer 3.0 KVA * Stabilizer 1.0 KVA Softwares * CAD,SMART,STRUDL * STAADPRO 2003 * STAAD ETC * STRUDS-Structural Design tool


Department Library

The library at department level is for the Students and Faculty of Civil Engineering, which houses good number of textbooks, reference books, project and seminar reports. At present over 314 books with 230 titles, project reports, seminar reports & CD'S are available in the Department library. The National and International conference proceedings, workshop and seminar reports, product and textbook catalogues are kept for student's reference. Apart from the departmental library facility we have Central Library and Information Center. At Central Library, along with the standard books we have the facility of accessing various International and National Journals.

Department Advisory Board (DAB) Members

S.No. Member Designation
1 Prof. Y Vrushabhendrappa DIRECTOR
2 Dr H B Aravind Principal
3 Dr. Anila Kumar C P Professor and Head
4 Dr. Sadashivappa Kankuppi Professor and Dean (Academic)
5 Dr. M S Nagaraj Professor and Head, E & E, Dean (Placement Cell)
6 Dr. Suresh S Professor and PG Coordinator of Environmental Engg.
7 Dr. Chidananda G Associate Professor and Dept. NBA Coordinator
8 Dr. Shamasundar Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., UBDTCE, Davangere
9 Dr. Lokeshappa B Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., UBDTCE, Davangere
10 Sri. Suresh Kumar G B Consulting Civil Engineer, Susheel Associates, Davangere
11 Sri. Kotresh B Parent Representative

Program Assessment Committee (PAC) Members

S.No. Member Designation
1 Dr. H. B. Aravind Principal, BIET
2 Dr. C P Anila Kumar Professor and HOD
3 Dr. S Suresh Professor and PG Coordinator of Environmental Engg
4 Dr. G Chidananda Associate Professor and Dept. NBA Coordinator
5 Sri.S.Subramanya Professor
6 Dr. M.D.Vijayananda Professor
7 Dr. M.N.Shiva Kumar Associate Professor
8 Sri C.S.Vijaya Kumar Assistant Professor
9 Sri R.S.Chikkanagoudar Assistant Professor

SAR Report

Students placed in various companies

Sl.No. Company 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
1. Infosys -- 2 -- -- --
2. Eleation -- 7 -- -- --
3. Pathfront -- 3 -- -- --
4. TCS -- -- 1 2 --

Jagadeesh B V

Superintendent Engineer

Superintendent Engineer RDPR

K G Basavanagowda

Executive Engineer

K G Basavanagowda is from Karnataka , native of Davanagere. He is proud alumni of BIET, First Batch 1979-1984 Civil Engineering

B P Ramesh

Managing Director International Power Corporation Limited, Bangalore

B P Ramesh is from Karnataka , native of Davanagere. He is proud alumni of BIET, First Batch 1981-1985 Civil Engineering. About 35years of work experience in renewable energy sector. Predominantlywith small hydro power projects. Dealt with wind,biomass & solar projecs also.Having expertise from concept to commissioning. Expertise in building renewable energy business and building organization.

Staff Achievements

  • Dr. H. B Aravind Awarded as Scientist of the year – 2011 by National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi – 110 019.

  • Dr. Suresh B Awarded as YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD for research paper published in reputed International Journals for the year 2019 by Institute of Scholars, Department of Awards, #1338, 2nd Cross, 7th Block Sir M V Layout, Muddhinapalya Bengaluru-560091, Karnataka, India.

  • Dr. Suresh B awarded as BHARAT SHIKSHA RATAN AWARD for Individual contribution towards Economic Growth and Social Development by Global Society for Health & Educational Growth and The economic for Health and Educational Growth, New Delhi on 7th October 2017.

  • Dr. Suresh B awarded as SUNDERLAL BAHUGUNA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD for Valuable service and contribution to Environmental Science for the year 2011, by BOSE Science Society, Arimalam - 622201, Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India.

  • As a part of Industry Institute Interaction programme, Sri. C S Vijaykumar, Assistant Professor visited TDSS new ware house project, for measuring 172000 sft at Dabbaspet on 8th Nov 2019 and between 16th December 2019 to 31st December 2019.

Student Achievements

  • PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2015, An Experimental investigation on Evaluation of Kinetic Parameters Co-efficient for the Treatment of Distillery waste using activated sludge process for the year 2015, selected by Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Under Student project Programme (SPP) during the year 2014-2015 38th Series). Under the Guidance of Dr. G. P. Desai and Dr. Suresh B

  • Rakesh A C of fifth semester student participated in Design and Development Internship at Bangalore, from 8th July to 31st August 2019.

  • Manjunath Naik, Pooja K G, Kiran Arakeri, Akash, Abishek R, AnkithRaju R V, Veeresh T M, Piyush Ranjan, Pooja G R, Soumya K R, Rakshith G of fifth semester and Divya N K, Anup, Chetan Kumar M, Bharat Kumar, Kiran Deshpande, Karthik, , Netra, , Sheetal B Raj, Roopa S B, Swayamprabha, Bindu B N, Malaika T V, Matisha, Akilesh R and Shailesh G M of seventh semester students Participated in the events. Manjunath Naik, Pooja K G and Piyush Ranjan secured 1st place for Bob the Builder and Bindu B N and Malaika T V secured 3rd place for Tecno Paper at Advitiya-19, K.L.E Institute of Technology, Hubballi, on 20th and 21st September, 2019.

  • Kiran Deshpande of seventh semester student Participated in Two days Seminar on SURVEYING organized by INSTRUCT at Bangalore on 26th and 27th September 2019.

  • Suma R olekar, Kavya J L, Nisha V Shet, Ganavi K V, Sai Pratheek K S, Sathyanarayana, Darshan Kumar MH, Manoj M, Chethan N G, Rakshitha A M, Varshitha S, Harini K P, Monica R S, Jayalakshmi V, Niranjan B G, Vignesh M, Nihal Raj S J, Pooja K G, Sahana K, Shodhana D N, Salma D, Bhargav, Manjula M G, Tejas V, Kushal K B and Kashish of fifth semester students Participated in Industry Readiness Training Program –Phase I , RaRo, Industry readiness Training Program BIET, Davanagere from 27th September 2019 to 3rd October 2019.

  • L V AmithKumar, Goutham S S, Manjula M G of seventh semester and Rakesh A C, Shreenidhi S V, Nisha Shet, Abishek R V, Chethan N G, Bharath K A, Gourav R, Bharathkumar H, Chethana M P, Akash, Gautham Raj M R, Anjan Kumar T C, Manoj M, Pavitra, Bhargav G T. Darshan Kumar M Halageli, Rakshitha A M, Ganavi K V of fifth semester participated in Concrete Fair 2019 at R V College of Engineering Bengaluru, on 15th and 16th October 2019.

  • Kruthika T P, Ravi N Ganji, Maruthi R, N K Divya, DivyaHangal, Chaitra R B, Shree Lakshmi M D, VanuPatil, Raghunath reddy N P, Ravi Teja K of seventh semester and Anusha A Doddamani, Apeksha B M, Salma D, Girija J Sharma, Monika R S, Pooja K G, Piyushranjan, Shreenidhi S V, Harini K P, Rakesh A C, Jayalakshmi V of fifth semester participated in Pravarthana -2019 at PESIT&M,Shivamogga on 24th October 2019.

  • L V Amith Kumar Pawar, Ganesh M, Goutham S.S, Jyoti M K, Archana J.S, Ashwini A Patil, Anusha B and Kruthika T P of seventh semester participated in NIRMAAN ICESS 2019, B M S College of Engineering Bengaluru, on 9th and 10th November 2019.

  • SOCIAL SERVICE: * Girija Sharma, Shreenidhi S V and Pooja K G of fifth semester participated in NCC CAMP Held at Toranagallu from 2nd to 11th August 2019

  • SPORTS:  Tejas R of seventh semester participated in Chess at S J M College, Chitradurga on 18th and 19th August 2019.  Tarun G V, Akash C M, Pradeep G K of third semester and Bharath Kumar K M, Bharath K of fifth semester participated in Athletics at GNDE College, Bidar on 22nd to 25th October 2019.  Mahantesh S Hallur of seventh semester and Bharath K A of fifth semester participated in Table Tennis at SIT, Tumkur on 16th and 17th November 2019.

Forum Activities


The following events are conducted regularly by CVForum:

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Department Activities

The following department activities were conducted:

  • Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology got Institutional Membership to “Institute for Research Development and Training of Construction Trades and Management (INSTRUCT), Bangalore”, on 15th July 2019 with membership No. IM 14.

  • Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology became Life organizational member of “Indian Water Works Association (IWWA), Mumbai, Maharashtra”, on 27th July 2019 with membership No.1014.

  • The Department has MOU with Forum of Practicing Architects and Consulting Civil Engineers (FPACE), Davangere, accordingly 7th Semester students after their 6th semester examination carried out internship from 15th July 2019 to 14th August 2019.