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Department of Information Science and Engineering

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The department of Information Science and Engineering was established in the year 2000 with the vision to produce high-qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. The department started with an intake of 60 students, and subsequently intake was increased to 120 in the year 2007. With the support of our beloved chairman Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa, Director and Principal, the department has grown over the last two decades in terms of infrastructure, facilities & teaching excellence. The department has a state-of-the-art laboratory, library facilities and well trained and experienced teaching faculty who emphasize the theoretical and practical applications of computation to the needs of society. So far, the department has produced more than 1800 successful engineering graduates who have occupied leading positions in reputed organizations all over the globe. Apart from teaching, the faculties are involved in research and development activities.

The department is recognized by IIT Bombay as one of the remote centre, with a mission to reach out and engage a large number of teachers to enrich their knowledge through faculty development programmes. The department has set up Industry 4.0 - Center of Excellence in collaboration with Rovelabs, Bengaluru to provide in-depth technical knowledge, innovation and research opportunities for students. Insync forum is meant exclusively to encourage the students to explore their technical and cultural abilities. Technical seminars, pep talks by accomplished alumni, tech talks by industry experts are organized regularly under Insync. Infozest, a techno fest, held every year creates a platform for students to showcase their technical talents. Technical quiz, paper presentation, coding, debugging and designing contests are organized in the Infozest. The department could achieve success because of the kind cooperation extended from all our stakeholders. Looking forward to climb further steps to attain more success in the years to come.


To be the center of excellence by adopting technological innovation in academics and research to develop competent man power for emerging needs of society and Industries.


  1. To provide Quality education to meet the challenges of technological changes to succeed in their professional career and higher education.

  2. To inculcate the culture of research, innovation and entrepreneur skills among the students.

  3. To groom our students with the quality of team spirit, leadership skills and ethical values, to share and apply their knowledge for the benefit of the society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. The graduates of program will have excellence through principles and practices of information technology combined with fundamentals of engineering.

  2. The graduates of program will be prepared in diverse areas of information science for their successful careers, entrepreneurship and higher studies.

  3. The graduates of program will work effectively as an individual and in a team, exhibiting leadership qualities, communication skills to meet the goals of the organization.

  4. The graduates of program will grove their profession with ethics, management principles to carry societal responsibilities.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. Problem Solving Skills - Ability to apply standard principles and practices of Information Technology to propose feasible ideas and solutions to computational tasks using appropriate tools and techniques.

  2. Knowledge of Information TechnologyAnalyze, design, develop and test the computer based software in the areas related to networks, cloud computing, web technology, data science and IoT.

  3. Profession and Research Ability – Inculcate the knowledge to excel in IT profession, entrepreneurship and research with ethical standards.
Dr. Poornima B.

Professor and Head

Prof. (Dr.) Poornima B., currently working as Head, Dept of Information Science and Engineering and Dean, BIET-Incubation Centre. Hitherto, served as Dean, Training and Placement. She has been awarded Ph.D. from Kuvempu University, Shivamogga in the year 2013 under the supervision of Dr.V.Ramaswamy, then the principal of BIET and Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Engg., from PDA college of Engg. Gulbarga during the year 2001. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience, 12 years of research experience and one year in Industry. Her Research interest include Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Internet of Things, Big data and Data Science. Dr. Poornima B has published 15 research papers in refereed journals, presented, published research papers in international conferences, chaired sessions and delivered special lectures on various occasions. Under her supervision two scholars awarded with Ph.D. degree and right now supervising five research scholars. Dr. Poornima B. is the Institute coordinator for New Age Innovation Centre (NAIN), initiative of KBITS, Dept. of IT, BT, Government of Karnataka and coordinator for remote centre recognized by IIT Bombay. She has received research grants of Rupees 40.00 lakhs as principal Investigator/Coordinator for the project titled “Novel Integrated Filter Based Approaches for Image Abstraction to Investigate The Hidden Research Issues in Processing Domain” under VGST, K-FIST Level -2 and from AICTE-RPS project for Rs.4.3 lakhs for the project titled “Design and Analysis of Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms”. Further, she has completed small grant students projects sanctioned from KSCST, as well as institution funded projects.

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Faculty Members

Technical Staff

Mrs. Indira S H


Mr. Maxim Tellis


Supporting Staff

Mr. Rudreshi P


Mr. Bakkeshwara G


Mr. Kumar K B


Ph.D. Guided /Ph.D. Awarded during the assessment period while working in the Institute

S.No. Guide Name of the Research Scholars Dept. Year of Regn. Course Work Completed Y / N Pre- PhD Viva-Voce Y / N Submitted Final Thesis Y / N Year
1. Dr. Poornima B. Vinutha H P C S and E 2013 Y Y Y 2018
Ashok K C S and E 2013 Y Y Y 2018
Pavan Kumar M P C S and E 2015 Y Y Y 2021
Patil N.S. C S and E 2015 Y N N
Varsha M C S and E 2016 Y N N
Bhuvaneshwari K V C S and E 2017 Y N N
Mallikarjuna S B C S and E 2016 Y N N
2. Dr. Chetana Prakash Jyothi G.C. C S and E 2017 Y N N
3. Dr. Sunil Kumar G Anitha G. C S and E 2016 Y Y N

Books/Book Chapters Published

Sl. No Title of the Book Chapter Author/s Year of Publication Name of Publisher/s
1 Mutual Correlation-Based Anonymization for Privacy Preserving Medical Data Publishing, pp 304- 319 Ashoka K, Poornima B 2018 IGI Global, USA
2 Stipulation-Based Anonymization with Sensitivity Flags for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing pp 445- 454 Ashoka K, Poornima B 2019 Springer Nature Pvt Ltd.


  • Dr. Poornima B., Principal Investigator for the Project “Design and Analysis of Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms”for 4.30 Lakhs, Sponsored by AICTE under RPS, New Delhi in 2014.

  • Dr. Poornima B., Principal Investigator for the Titled “Novel Integrated Filter Based Approaches For Image Abstraction to Investigate The Hidden Research Issues in Processing Domain” for 40.00 Lakhs under VGST/K-FIST L2 in 2019.


  • Mrs. Anitha G. Received Patent for the Journal (41/2020) “Occupational stress model and coping strategies thereof” 202041041755 A dated - 09/10/2020

Laboratory: B224
Laboratory: B228
Laboratory: B228
Laboratory: B228
Laboratory: B226
Laboratory: B226
Laboratory: B226
Laboratory: B224

Laboratory Facilities

S.No. Name of Lab Qty Configuration/Specification Software
1. Project Laboratory (B - 224) 45 Intel R core™ i5 3570 cpu @3.40GHz, 8GB DDR RAM, 1 TB HDD SATA / Real takPCIc GBE Family N/w card, DVD CD-ROM drive/ keyboard, Optical Mouse, 18’ color monitor. Windows 10, VMWare, NS2, NetBeans, Eclipse, Anaconda, Jupyter,Turbo C++.
2. Computer Laboratory (B-226) 57 HP Make desktops: HP Prodesk, Intel core i5, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 18.5” LED Monitor Windows 10, VMWare, Oracle 9i, NetBeans, Eclipse, Turbo C++.
3. Microprocessors and Logic Design /Electronics Circuits Laboratory (B-228) 30 Intel core-i5 processor, Intel chipset motherboard, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, DVD writer, Integrated AGP, Sound and LAN, Keyboard, Optical Mouse, ATX cabinet, HCL 18.5” TFT Monitor. Windows 10, VMWare, Oracle 9i, NetBeans, Eclipse, Turbo C++, MASM, KEIL, Mutism, Xilinx.

Major Equipments

  • Intel core i5 systems of different make - 68

  • Intel core i3 systems - 18

  • Other systems - 49

  • UPS with SMF Batteries - 06

  • Public address system with all accessories - 02

  • Scanner A4 - 01

  • Projectors - 03

  • Epson Projector EH TW5300 (Lecture capture system room) - 01

  • Linear IC Trainers and Digital IC Trainers with built in Power supply - 10 + 10

  • Minmax make Microprocessor based Analog and Digital IC Tester - 01

  • 30 MHZ Dual Trace Oscilloscopes - 06

  • ARM 7 2148 Evaluation Boards with built in interfaces - 08

  • Acer server - 01

  • IBM server - 01

  • Printers, A4 Laserjet - 03

  • R.O. Water purifier with Refrigerator storage - 01


Department of Information Science and Engineering has six classrooms where theory classes are conducted regularly and one seminar hall. Among six classrooms one class room is facilitated with Lecture Capture System (LCS) and another classroom is having ICT facility. Theory classes taken in the LCS class room will be recorded and the video will be shared with students. Department has one seminar hall named “S G BALEKUNDRI” seminar hall with a sitting capacity of 300 students and ICT facility. The seminar hall is used for conducting various events under forum, technical talk, seminar, and online sessions of IIT Bombay through Aview software.

Classroom: B226
Classroom: B229
Classroom: B225
Classroom: B223
Classroom: B222B
Classroom: B222A
Classroom: B113B
Classroom: B113A

Department Library

In addition to the Central Library, a well-equipped departmental library is functioning in the department catering to the needs of the faculty and students. No. of Books - 8300, Journals - 50 , Periodicals - 10, Project Reports - 150.

Department Advisory Board (DAB) Members

S.No. Member Designation
1 Dr. Prema Sudha Professor, SIT, Tumkur - Academician
2 Dr. Girijamma H.A. Professor, RNSIT, Bangalore - Academician
3 Mr. Srinivas Ramanujam Academic Relationship Manager, TCS, Bangalore - Academician
4 Mr. Vinay Senior HR, Global Edge, Bangalore - Employer
5 Mr. Krishna Huilgol Disaster Recovery Manager , IBM, Bangalore - Alumni
6 Mr. Aziz Khan F Pathan Asst. Professor , JIT, Davanagere - Alumni
7 Mr. Vijay P Rao Director , Amruthavarshini Educational Trust - Academician
8 Mr. Ananth Hegde Alliance Manager, TCS, Banglore - Alumni
9 Mr. Raghavendra Rao P Director, SLV Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hubli - Alumni
10 Mr. Chandan V Asst. Professor, BIET, Davanagere - Faculty
11 Ms. Bhuvaneshwari K V Asst. Professor, BIET, Davanagere - Faculty
12 Mr. Vijaykumar Kulkarni Manager - Parent
13 Mr. Suresh O Dandgall Managing Director, Kingfisher Stay, Dandeli - Parent

Program Assessment Committee (PAC) Members

S.No. Member Designation
1 Dr. Poornima B. Prof. & Head
2 Mrs. Jyothi G. C. Asst. Prof.
3 Mrs. Anitha G Asst. Prof.
4 Mr. D. Shivamurthy Asst. Prof.
5 Ms. Bhuvaneshwari K V Asst. Prof.
6 Mr. Chandan V. Asst. Prof.
7 Mr.Sheik Imran Asst. Prof.
8 Mr. Patil N.S. Asst. Prof
9 Ms. Rekha B. H. Asst. Prof.
10 Mrs. Parveen Banu N. Asst. Prof.

SAR Report

Students placed in various companies

Academic Year No. of companies visited No. of students hired Highest Package
In campus Off campus
2020-21 15 45 7 6
2019-20 10 34 10 7
2018-19 12 38 15 6
2017-18 5 28 14 6
2016-17 4 39 13 5

Akshay S C

Indian Trading Service (ITS), Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi -110011

It has been 20 years since IS department started in 2000. Extremely Happy that I was part of the first batch of Information Science and Engineering. I have very fond memories of people associated with the department. Best wishes to the faculty and the department!

Ashwin Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO ,, Bengaluru

There is a need to bring students into the startup culture and to provide them a platform where they can convert their bright ideas into innovation. The students have lot of potentials, we just need to identify and channelize their ideas in the right direction. We should create a support system for students, including more internship or skill programmes, to hone their skills. The department should create job providers rather than job seekers.

Krishna P Huilgol

Technical Lead, Radio jockey, DELL-EMC and FM Rainbow, Bengaluru

The most memorable days of my life are those spent in B.I.E.T. I S & E department. Each and every day was fun filled and energetic. We used to enjoy a lot and at the same time no compromise on curriculum. We used to get equal opportunities in all aspects. Labs are equipped with all modern technology needs. At the same time, I also feel very pride and fortune to say that those who love cultural activities, I S & E is one of the fantastic place and guys will be nurtured based on their skills and interests.

Vasuki T

Specialist and System Engineer, Robert Bosch Engineering & Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd

Enthusiastic faculty members, supportive seniors and friends, encouraging management, all together enriched my journey with the department. The entire ambiance makes it convenient for any student to inculcate the positive spirit to stand out with excellence. In addition to professional training, the department also serves a platform to exhibit talent in sports, extra-curricular activities, inter college competitions which helps in an overall development of a student. As a result of everything that I have mentioned above, I have been able to mould myself into a more confident individual to face the challenges in the outside world.

Karibasappa G C

Senior Specialist , Deloitte Consulting, Bengaluru

BIET is a place of knowledge and bliss. It had provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself in each and every field. In BIET, I have not only got the boost for studies but also for other curricular activities as well. I have got infinite love & support from my teachers at every step. They have encouraged me to polish my hidden talents in number of ways. BIET was not a college to me but it was like a family for me.

kumar Vivek

Developer , DXC Technology, Frankfurt, Germany

BIET is more than a college to me. It is my privilege to be connected with this institution. A place where I gained knowledge and made lifelong friends that I will cherish forever. Right from day one energy and enthusiasm are what I experienced, be its faculty or students. What I am today is because of my department - Information Science, Professors, and mentors. Information Science department formed the technology foundation and real-life problem-solving attitude that helped me to start my professional journey.

Siddharth Batavia

Sr. Data Warehouse Systems Engineer, Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America

The IS & E department of B.I.E.T has a great reputation. All the professors are committed towards teaching. The classes have a right balance of lectures and discussions. They encourage collaborative work & group presentations. The department is well known for academic advising. I am very happy to be an alumnus of this department.

Ananth Hegde

Partner Manager, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Bengaluru.

My time with Information Science and Engineering Department has always been a great place for learning. The exposure that I have got right from day one is immense and has helped in shaping my career. Equal opportunity for every student to showcase their skills has made this department differentiate from others. Highly qualified and friendly faculty and staff members are available to assist on every roadblock. Our enthusiastic HOD was supportive in every new initiative and pushed to do even better. The reason for my success today is because of what I learnt and gained from my association with department. In today's world, Education with values is very rare and I found both in my department.

Staff Achievements

  • Under the guidance of Dr. Poornima B , Mrs. Vinutha H. P. has been awarded with Ph. D. for her research topic “Data Mining Approaches for Security and Data Integrity in Networking Environment”.

  • Under the guidance of Dr. Poornima B , Mr. Ashoka K. has been awarded with Ph. D. for his research topic “Some Novel Approaches for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing”.

Student Achievements

  • Dept. of IS&E has won the “Championship & Rolling Shield” in the Inter-departmental competitions held for Davana 2019.

  • 7th Semester students Mr. Vaibhav Y.R, Mr. Rajjaval K Jain, Ms. Chaitra B Kamat, Ms. Prerana Ganesh Kini and Ms. Sophia E Machado have received Certificate of Appreciation in the nationwide IESA MAKEATHON organized by India Electronics & semiconductor association, powered by JUiNCUBATOR And ESSCI held on 3rd and 4th October 2018.

  • 7th Semester students Mr. Vaibhav Y.R, Mr. Rajjaval K Jain, Mr. Shashank R.P, Ms. Chaitra B Kamat, Ms. Prerana Ganesh Kini and Ms. Sophia E Machado have secured Frist place in business model presentation conducted in the State Level HACKTHON-2018, organized by NAIN, JNNCE, Shivamogga & supported by KBITS held on 4th and 5thSeptember 2018.

  • 8th Semester Mr. Shreenag M Araga, Ms. Chandana K, Ms. Chandana H P and 6th semester Mr. Varun S Patil, Mr. Pratheek Jain R, Ms. Bindu S S has been participated in “Smart India HACKTHON-2018” held at Noida, U.P on 30th and 31st March 2018, Mentors Mr. Puneeth S.P., Asst.Prof., and Ms. Kotramma T.S., Asst.Prof., Dept. of IS&E.

  • 8th Semester students Mr. Kiran Kumar N, Mr. TarunPaga and Mr.Vishnu Bhagath M.B have won SECOND PRIZE in the National level seminar ”KAUSHALA-2017” on “Skill module for Engineers and Managers” held on 21st&22nd April 2017 at AIET, Moodbidri.

  • Dept. of IS&E has won the “Championship & Rolling Shield” in the Inter-departmental competitions held for Davana 2017

  • Mr. T V S Akhil., 8th Semester student has awarded “ISTE Best Student” for the Year 2015-2016.

  • 8th semester student Mr.Rajesh B presented a paper entitled “Next Generation Big Data Storage” at National Level student’s symposium CHEMEXCEL-2019 organized by Dept. of chemical engineering, BIET, Davangere in association with ISTE on 22nd March 2019 and has secured First Place.

  • Mr. Varun S Patil, Mr. Rajjval K Jain, Mr. Pradeep K.M, Mr. SachinKodiya and Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy have participated in the Inter-Collegiate climate and environment science quiz organized by IISc, Bengaluru held on 11th September 2018.

  • Dept. of IS&E has won the “Championship & Rolling Shield” in the Inter-departmental competitions held for Davana 2018.

  • Ms. Nithyashree K. V.,8th Semester student has awarded “TCS Best Student” for the Year 2017-2018.

  • 8th Semester students Mr. Kiran Kumar N, Mr. Sachin D.P, Mr. Ranganath H.R, Ms. Pratiksha S.B, Mr. Basanagouda S.D and Mr. AakashVerma have been participated “Smart India HACKTHON-2017” held at Nagpur, M.P on 1st and 2nd April 2017, Guided by Mr. Chandan V. Asst.Prof., IS&E Dept.

  • Ms.Vaishnavi S Iyengar., 8th Semester student has awarded “Best Sports Person of the Year 2016-2017” and “Individual championship for girls in the Year 2016-2017” at BIET, Davangere.

Forum Activities

Information Science FORUM (ISFORUM)

Department of Information Science and Engineering has started its forum “INSYNC”with the view to advance the cause of technical education. The aim of the forum is to assist and contribute in the development of quality professional engineers required by the IT industries and other organizations. INYSNC aims at strengthening the academic background of the students and strives hard on their overall exposure by conducting various workshops and exhibitions. Forum also arranges tech talks by eminent personalities across various industries to bridge the gap between industry and institute. It helps the students to be in line with the current technology and plays a major role in their overall development. INSYNC also organizes "Pro Kabaddi" during even semester to encourage sports, and an inter-collegiate technical & non-technical fest “INFOZEST” every year, which includes various events like Paper presentation & Poster presentation, Quiz, Mock press, Blind coding, Hack the box, Code Chef, Web designing and many more.

The following events are conducted regularly by ISForum:

Sl.No. Event Event Descrption
1. Inauguration of Insync Forum - 2019 Inauguration of Insync Forum and Welcome to 3rd Semester Students, on 17-09-2019 by Prashanth A C, GSL,Bengaluru
2. Tech Talk Tech Talk on 27-07-2019 by Mr. Pramodchakravarti Patil , Mr. Shadakshari Soppimath, Mr. Shreyas Vernekar
3. Workshop Cyber Security Hands on Workshop on 14-10-2019 by Mr. Vincent D’souza and Mr. Vallabha Desai
4. Workshop Hand-on Workshop on Internet of Things on 06-03-2020 by Mr. Shreyas Vernekar
5. Tech Talk Tech Talk on IoT & its Continuous Evolution on 13-03-2020 by Mr. Manjunath Mahashetty
6. Tech Talk Pi Day on 14-03-2020 by Mr. Manjunath Mahashetty
7. Webinar Webinar On: Full Stack Developer on 23-06-2021 by Mr. Bhaskar S Yenecharla Senior Software Developer, Boeing Ind. Ltd. Bangalore.
8. Project Exhibition “PRADARSHAN 2021” Online Project Exhibition on 16-07- 2021 by Dr. Manoj Kumar M. V. Associate Professor, NMIT, Bangalore
9. Tech Talk Online Tech Talk on Performance of Industry 4.0 in Smart Cities on 17-07- 2021 by Dr. B G Premasudha, Professor and Head, Department of MCA, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur.
10. Project Exhibition Virtual Project Exhibition – 2021 NIRMANA 1.0 on 13-08-2021 by Mr. Sreenath R Kalamdani Deputy General Manager, Research and Development, India, MercedesBenz, Bengaluru.

Department Activities

The following department activities were conducted:

  • Five days FDP on Effective Teaching- NITTTR, Kolkata from 15-07-2019 to 19-07-2019 by NITTTR Kolkata Experts

  • One day workshop on LINUX on 23-08-2019 by IIT Bombay Experts

  • One day Workshop on “e-SIM” on 21-09-2019 by IIT Bombay

  • Two days online FDP on “Recent Trends in Information Science and Technology” on 15-05-2020 & 16-05-2020 by Ms. Pallavi Saha, Dr. Karthik Seemakurthy, Dr. Rajan M A, Mr. Prabhudatta

  • Online Alumni Meet “RETROUVAILLE-2020” on 10-10-2020.

  • Virtual Labs-VTU Faculty Development Programme on 22-10-2020 by Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani, Assistant Professor Dept. of CS&E, Virtual Labs NITKS Surathkal.

  • Workshop on “Database Application Development” from 28-12-2020 To 30-12-2020 by Mr. Shreyas Vernekar and Team, Founder and CEO, Rove Labs Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

  • Technical Talk on “Real world exposure towards working of IT service management(ServiceNow)” on 30-12-2020 by Mr. Sreenag M Araga, System Engineer, TCS, Bangalore.

  • “Software Architecture and Design using Sparx Enterprise Architect-Hands on Approach” from 28-12-2020 to 01-01-2021 by Dr. Sagar B M, Prof & Head, Dept. of IS&E, RVCE Ms. Rashmi R Assistant Professor, RVCE, Bangalore.

  • Image Processing, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Workflows using MATLAB on 12-01-2021 & 13-01-2021 by Mr. Rakshith B S, Senior Application Engineer, CoreEL Technologies, Bengaluru

  • Early Detection and prevention of Cancer in Women on 27-03-2021 by Dr. Shashikala P Krishnamurthy, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Pathology, SSIMS, Davangere

B.E. Time Table

Semester: 4 Section: A

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Semester: 4 Section: B

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Semester: 6 Section: A

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Semester: 6 Section: B

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Semester: 8 Section: A

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Semester: 3 Section: A

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Semester: 5 Section: A

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Semester: 5 Section: B

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Semester: 7 Section: A

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Semester: 7 Section: B

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Calender of Events

Semester: 2018-19_COE_EVEN

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Semester: 2019 -20_COE_EVEN

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Semester: 2020 -21_COE_EVEN

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Semester: 2018-19_COE_ODD

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Learning Materials

18CS33 Notes

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18CS43 Notes

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18CS54 Notes

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18IS62 Notes

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17CS73 Notes

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17CS81 Notes

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Newsletter for the Academic Year: 2018-2019

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Newsletter for the Academic Year: 2017-2018

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3rd Semester Result Analysis

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5th Semester Result Analysis

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7th Semester Result Analysis

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